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Do you ever feel overloaded with struggles? Do you feel that once you have conquered one battle another one comes right after. I don't know about ya'll, but my tendency is to get discouraged, depressed, sometimes even feel alone. .... So, how did the Israelites deal with this. They were constantly attacked. The Apostle Paul and the disciples were constantly under attack. Well, if you cruise back to 2 Chronicles you read this rather strange story of the Israelites going to battle. I'm not a military expert, but my first thought when going in to battle is to send your best, most qualified, most highly trained, most physically gifted men to battle first. That's not what they did. They sent their worship team. I'm pretty sure most Christian worship teams are not the ideal group to send in battle. Most of those I see wear skinny jeans and flannels. (sorry, had to throw that in). The reality is, it's the wrong approach from a worldly perspective. However, that's what the God of the Israelites did. He had Jehoshaphat send the worship team in first. Not only did they win the battle, they didn't even have to fight it. Take 10 minutes of your time and listen to how God chooses to partner with us in our battles. .... Ever said "I don't got it" when facing a battle or a challenge. Well, if we fight battles like God has us fight battles, it's not us that's "Got it", but God. .... God's GOD IT!

The Well Church is a Beach Church that offers Beach church services on the Beach in Sandestin. The Well Church in Miramar Beach is located in The Beach House Restaurant on The Beach. Want to attend a beach church service. Come join us on the Beach at 10:00 in the morning in Sandestin right on the Beach at The Beach House Restaurant. Visit our website at #beach #church #sandestin #services #christian #non-denominational #nondenominational The Well Church in Miramar Beach Florida welcomes you!

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