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The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach teaches chapter by chapter and normally verse by verse through the Bible.  We typically look at the historical application, the theological application, and the personal application.   Some weeks it's heavy theology, some weeks it's very personal and hits home, and some weeks it's a mix.  

We realize not everyone can make it Sunday to church.  As a result, we put our Sunday morning teaching sessions online.   The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach is currently studying through the book of Matthew.   It's amazing when you dig deep how incredible the Bible is and how much application it has in our lives.   

As you will see, we just started recording our messages.  We have been asked to go back and re-record our Revelation chapter 2 and chapter 3 study on John's letter to the 7 churches.   We will be adding those messages in the near future.

As you will see in some of these videos we have a very interactive approach on Sunday morning.  Group participation is part of who we are.  We want to learn and grow together.  

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Revelation 2 and 3- Church of Ephesus

The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach Florida is located in Santa Rosa Beach.  We are 1 mile east of 30a.  We are a Christian church in Santa Rosa Beach.  #church #santarosabeach #inletbeach #bible #graytonbeach

Matthew 18- Vs 1-9

The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach Florida is located in Santa Rosa Beach.  We are 1 mile east of 30a.  We are a Christian church in Santa Rosa Beach.  #church #santarosabeach #inletbeach #bible #graytonbeach

Matthew 18:10  Angels Among Us

Matthew 18:10-14 @ Luke 15:11-32-A lost Sheep Found a Prodigal Comes Home.

The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach Florida is located in Santa Rosa Beach.  We are 1 mile east of 30a.  We are a Christian church in Santa Rosa Beach.  #church #santarosabeach #inletbeach #bible #graytonbeach

Matthew 18- Summary- 

Matthew 20- The Parable of Workers in Vineyard

Prophecies.... what does this mean to us?  and The Shema?  

What does the Passover, Egypt, Judaism, the Temple, The Triumphal Entry, The Crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection have to do with each other? 

The end of Matthew 23 and the beginning of Matthew 24 contains a powerful prophecy regarding the destruction of the Jewish temple and ultimately the end of Jewish national life.

Matthew 24- Jesus answers the disciples questions about the destruction of temple and end time prophecy.

Matthew 24- In Matthew 24 is Jesus talking about the destruction of the temple or end time prophecy?  This lesson we learn about TYPES

Matthew 24:24- Are you being deceived?  Are you aware that Google, Facebook, and other internet platforms have the capability of completely changing your belief system?   How will the enemy use this in the end times during and before the tribulation.

Matthew 24:24-  Recently two known leaders in the Christian community abandoned the faith (or are questioning the faith). Why? What's happening? Scripture says that the enemy will deceive "Even possible, the elect". How is this happening? The Well church explores what's happening in the modern-day church through the lens of scripture. 

Matthew 24:32-35-In this study we are exploring what it really means to be a Son of God. As a child of God, we have dual citizenship. Ultimately we are citizens of heaven, serving as ambassadors to the king on earth. With this comes challenges, but also incredible privileges. We also learn that ultimately one day God is going to create a new heaven and a new earth where there will be no more tears, no more suffering, etc. 

ORIGINS OF HALLOWEEN- On Thursday night we studied the Origins of Halloween.  We decided to put this in to a video study for people to share. 

Matthew 25- What's the difference between Justification and Sanctification? Too often churches teach either a heavy justification message (salvation by grace), but leave out sanctification. In addition, there are churches that teach a sanctification message (as if somehow our works achieve our salvation), but leave out the gift of grace. In this study, we explore the difference between justification and sanctification. 

In Matthew 25 Jesus give the parable of the 10 Virgins. All 10 have vessels, and lamps, but only 5 have the oil. What was so significant about the oil, and why did only 5 have it? Listen to this 30 + minute video teaching to learn more.

Matthew 25-The Parable of the talents is one of the most misinterpreted scriptures in all of the Bible. Most folks take the parable out of context. In addition, parables are meant for people to go deeper than what's on the surface. As you go deeper, you will find some amazing discoveries.

Matthew 26-The Passover- The night Jesus was betrayed Jesus celebrated a Passover meal with his disciples.   The Passover meal was not only hugely symbolic, but incredibly powerful.  In this study we dig deeper than what's on the surface.   

THE HEART OF GOD- John 1:1 says, "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God".  When we study God's word, we get into the heart of God.  find out what happens in this video as a result of this. 

MATTHEW 26- Matthew 26 is one of the most powerful passages in scripture. Such a unique transition passage that reveals a ton of truth. Hidden behind the surface of the agony in the garden is some really profound insights. Check out this 30 minute study of God's word and learn how this applies to our lives. 

MATTHEW 26- How do we pray? Lots of folks want to know how to pray. They often question if God hears their voice. So the question is how do we pray? What does prayer mean? How do we get to the heart of God? As American's, we have one word for prayer. In Hebrew and Greek there were several words, each with their own unique meaning. In this study we will learn what it means to pray, how to pray, and how to get to the heart of God.