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Are all Christians called in to missions?

Are you called in to missions? What would you do if you went full time in to missions?

How many of you have ever met someone who has gone in to the mission field? What are the typical steps they go through to go in to missions.

My small group leader in high school became a missionary in China. These were the steps he went through to prepare himself for missions...

1. EVALUATE and SIMPLIFY-He asked himself. What's important? What do I really need and what do I not? After all going to china is expensive. No need to carry things that don't belong. As a result, he sold most of his personal belongings. He only kept the things that were absolutely necessary.

2. LEARN THE LANGUAGE... He had to spend a couple years learning the language of the people.

3. IMMERSED HIMSELF IN CULTURE- He immersed himself in as much Chinese culture as he could over here before he went over there.

3. FOUND A JOB- His focus was getting a job in China teaching English. Then he could minister to all those he taught.

What about you? Are you called in to missions?


What if we all imagined ourselves as from another country but came over here to do missions in the United States. How would you see your job?... your neighborhood?... your trip to the grocery store? ... your dinner out at a local restaurant? ... your soccer or basketball games?

So, what would you do if you were a missionary from another country and moved here?... You would......

1. EVALUATE AND SIMPLIFY- Evaluate what's important. What do you need to get rid of so you can focus on your mission. So often believers need to simplify our lives. Focus on what's important and what's not. That may mean getting rid of things, finding a smaller home, less expensive car, etc.

3. LEARN THE LANGUAGE- As Christians we need to connect with the world. We need to learn the language of the lost. With that we need to...

4. IMMERSE OURSELVES IN CULTURE- The church has a tendency to remove ourselves from the world. Many peoples "Church" experience is often just Sunday morning. We need more opportunities were we are actively involved in others lives. We need to realize our local kids soccer league, basketball league, boy scout troop, etc. is an opportunity to serve. We need to partner with the local community service programs and come alongside others to host concerts, clean parks, etc.

5. USE OUR JOB- We need to see our jobs as an opportunity to reach the lost, build relationships, etc.

The idea is, everyone is saved is called in to missions. We need to imagine ourselves as foreigners in this land. The reality is, we are foreigners. We are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven and ambassadors to the Kingdom of Earth. So, what do we have to do to prepare our lives for missions. Check out this video to learn more.

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