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Ever been to gym and not used some of the equipment? Why? I don’t know about you, but I only want to work out the areas I think others see. Same is often true spiritually and/or when I read Bible. I want to read the easy stuff that makes me feel good. Check out this 3 minute video about strengthening the “inner core”. Thanks for visiting The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach. Visit

The Well Church is a Beach Church that offers Beach church services on the Beach in Sandestin. The Well Church in Miramar Beach is located in The Beach House Restaurant on The Beach. Want to attend a beach church service. Come join us on the Beach at 10:00 in the morning in Sandestin right on the Beach at The Beach House Restaurant. Visit our website at #beach #church #sandestin #services #christian #non-denominational #nondenominational The Well Church in Miramar Beach Florida welcomes you!

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