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Are you in?

ARE YOU IN? Last night I was praying. I saw myself reading the Bible. I was amazed at all the stories, drama, suspense, miracles, etc. I saw myself being blown away by all the stories. Then, I felt like I heard Jesus say, “Are you in?”. Remember you first favorite books. I remember the first time I really read a book. I was probably a senior in high school. It was the John Grisham books. I loved it. As I was reading I felt like I was in the story. Then when I put the book down, the story closed out for a second. Then I’d pick it back up, and be back in the story. In almost every one of his books, I wished I was right there. Right in the middle of the story. Have you ever done the same with a movie. You watched the movie and felt that you were in the middle of the story. Then when the movie was over, you realized it was just a film and you couldn’t be part of the action. NOT TRUE with the Bible. Jesus wants us to jump in. It’s the only book that allows us the opportunity to join Him in his work. You want miracles in your life? Jump in! You want forgiveness? Jump in! You want restoration in a relationship? Jump in! You want your life to mean more than what it does? Jump in! Guys, most of my Christian life has been living on the outside pages of scripture. God calls us to COME FOLLOW ME! Jump in! Dive in! I promise, that when you jump in the greatest book every written, you’re life story will never be the same! Who wants to join me in this?

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