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How many of you love a good movie? My kids are huge fans of Star Wars. Plot twist after plot twist, problem after problem, one dramatic moment after another. How many feel your life is like this? Maybe you feel your life is totally out of control. Well, the story of Christmas appears to be this quiet and peaceful manger scene, when in reality, it's one of the most dramatic stories of all times with tons of fabulous plot twists. Don't you love it in star wars when all these plot twists, dramas, and problems come together at the end. On Christmas, we looked at what God had to do to make this dramatic story of Christmas become a reality. Actually, based on prophecy, it was statistically impossible, yet He did it. Maybe you are facing the statistically impossible. Maybe your story is filled with drama after drama, and plot twist after plot twist. Find out in this short 10 minute video how God can pull all the pieces of your story together. Visit our website at

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