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Most men arrived in manhood without much vision of what manhood is supposed to look like. Studies have shown when you ask men what their vision for manhood is, they don't have an answer. They struggle with answering these questions...

How does a MAN interact at work?

How does a MAN raise kids?

How does a MAN take care of his wife?

How does a MAN invest in his future?

How does a MAN fulfill his Biblical Destiny?

No one ever gave man a book on manhood. We just took pieces of what we've learned from our dad's, grandparents, neighbors, etc.

Our Goal at THE WELL CHURCH is to help men define what Biblical manhood looks like. Not only that, we want them to fulfill their manhood calling

We believe men will get a renewed vision when they find out God's ultimate destiny for their life.

Come join our men's ministry. We will start up a new program in 2018. Email us at for more information.

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