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We live in a society where everyone has their own opinion of what church needs to be like. Some people want a big church. Some want a small intimate church. Some would rather have a medium size church where they can get to know most people.

Worship.... It's amazing all the different styles of church worship; contemporary, southern Gospel, traditional, alternative, country, etc.

Youth and Children- We are at a place where many folks aren't comfortable with kids being in an actual worship service. Most folks come together as a family when they arrive, but the family gets split apart immediately after coming through the doors of a church. Children go to children's church. Teenagers go to Sunday school, parents go to big church, etc. We wonder why students once they hit college want nothing to do with church. There is now an 85% fall out rate once students hit college. This, in our opinion, is an epidemic.

At The Well Church we keep it simple. We believe the Family should worship together. We want kids and seniors to be excited to go to church. Our worship is a little mix of everything.

Come join us Sunday at AJ's in Grayton Beach for a different, yet comfortable and casual church experience.

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