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We are super excited to announce the new CHILDREN and YOUTH MINISTRY program.

First, an important statistic. By the time students reach college there is an 85% fallout rate. Actually, kids by middle school are already mentally clocked out of church.

There are several reasons for this. First, we believe families should worship together. Most families come together to church, but as soon as they arrive, they separate. Children go to children's church, teenagers go to Sunday school, etc. Then when kids get to be in college, they have so little interaction with "Big Church" they don't care to go back.

The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach believes kids and teenagers need to be an active part of our Sunday morning worship. We incorporate students in the actual worship service.

Second, most students spent their entire childhood listening to Bible stories and then playing a game that relates to that story. In some cases kids are sent home with some papers they can do as a family. Let's face it, very few people ever read those papers or do their "homework" for the week.

The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach is taking a different approach. We want to show students how the Bible can apply to their lives. In addition, we want to expand on this by incorporating these Bible lessons in their passions and gifts.

The Well Church has decided to offer a full year round Video Production Class teaching students how to make videos based on the lessons they learned in Bible study. Students will learn videography, photography, acting, set design, graphic design, etc. Students will learn how to produce actual short videos, films, etc. In the future, The Well plans on producing full length Christian films produce by students.

To learn more about this class or to sign your kids up email us at

Classes are for students 8-18.

Visit THE WELL CHURCH Facebook page at

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