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I don't know about ya'll, but I'm not the best at planting flowers. I'm sure not that great at keeping a green "WEED FREE" lawn. I recently left a flower growing in my flower beds for a long time. Come to find out, it was a weed. It looked jus like a flower. It even had a blue bud on it like the flower I planted. However, it wasn't a FLOWER. It was a WEED! It actually grew so fast that it took over the flower. Now I have this really ugly weed and the flower is dead. So true about our spiritual life. The weed was beautiful at first. I was so happy with how fast it was growing (before I knew it was a weed and before I knew it killed the flower). Now I'm upset. My flower bed has this big ugly weed and the flower is gone. I've found this to be true in my spiritual life. The enemy entices me with something that looks like something positive. I run after it only to find out it's not what God had planned for me life. The problem is, I typically run after that "thing" so long that what God intended, is gone or dead. The enemy has a way of enticing us with things that look like flowers in our life, but in the end lead toward a path of hurt, pain, loss, etc. ..... It may be a bad relationship, a job God never intended you to have, a purchase you weren't supposed to make, etc. I've run after many relationships in life as a young person only to find out, it ended in pain, heartache, etc. The good news is, we can pull the weed and begin letting the flower God intended for our life to grow in it's place. Here is the hard part. Weeds grow fast. Usually flowers grow slow. It's sometimes hard to wait on God. I let this weed grow all summer long. At first it really looked beautiful. Now the BEAUTIFUL flower is gone. Here is the sad part. Had I waited, the flower would be beautiful now. It would be even bigger and more beautiful than the weed ever was. Now I have an ugly weed and missed out on the beautiful flower. This is so true in our spiritual life. When we are enticed by the enemy, we will find that it feels beautiful for a season, and can grow really fast, but when sin is full grown, it really is ugly. ....

God also taught me in this to not rush the Lord. Sometimes those things we wait for turn out to be way more beautiful if we just WAIT. He also told me how easily it is to be enticed by something beautiful, but in the end it leads to death. My challenge for all of us is to pray heavily. Know the enemy hands us beautiful things knowing we'll be excited, only to find that in the end, those things not only lead to death, but take us away from the things God intends for our life

26 years ago I was called in to full time ministry. However, the enemy threw me curve balls pulling me away from my calling. All those things seemed like positive things at the time, but as time progressed, they lead to me being unhappy, bitter, angry, etc.

Trust in God's provision. Trust in his timing? Resist the devil and... he will flee from you! God bless ya'll!

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