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Sunday 10:00 / 355 E. Shipwreck Rd.




Welcome to The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach.  We all know about the chaos happening all around us.  Many churches have had to close their doors, some temporarily, some permanently.   The Well is going to do something different.   


First, let me share this.  About a year ago I read a book called Pagan Christianity written by George Barna and Frank Viola.  The book explores how we went from a church that met in peoples homes, to where we are now.   It's really challenged us to evaluate how we do church.  Church was never meant to be 4 songs and a message and everyone goes home.  Also, God never intended for 100's of people to sit idle for an hour while one man preaches, and a few people sing a few songs.   I was once told, Satan's best work was walling us in and sitting us down.  


As a result of all this, I began praying about THE CHURCH corporate.  I prayed that God would take us out of our molds.  Well, I wasn't expecting it to happen this way.  However, I'm excited that it's causing the church to regroup.


 Just a week before churches closed their doors I announced that we were moving church back to our home.   Now, churches are not allowed to have more than 10-12 people worshiping in the same location.   

With that said, we have a new plan.  We are moving to a Saturday Night Live experience.  the name is a bit cheesy, but honestly it fits.  Our plan is to have a David Letterman type of church service.  We'll have music music, interviews/testimonies, some solid Biblical teaching, then a time of live prayer.   We will do this via Facebook.  If you want to connect with us, please email and we'll send you the info.   Feel free to call 812.550.0158 for more details.  Ideally this will be played through our Facebook page.  

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Michael and his family are originally from Evansville, IN.  They have 6 children, Abraham 14, Carver 12, Daniel 9, Daisy 8, Adelaide 4, and Grace 6 weeks.   Michael has served as a Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Director, and Executive Director of a Para Church Ministry.   

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Worship Team Leader

Mike is a 30a / Destin jewel.  He's been singing and performing in this area for years.  Mike has been leading worship for over 16 years and joined us this September.  Mike not only is insanely gifted musically, he works in the music and sound technology industry.
Mike sings and plays lead guitar.

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Vocals / Keyboard / Guitar

Katie has been singing and making music as early as she can remember.  She began writing songs as early as high school and performed in theater and art programs all over southern Indiana.  She went on to Belmont University in Nashville.  Katie had a song MY CHILD make it to #29 on the Christian Country Music Charts.  Katie currently plays keyboard and sings.

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Tom Gibson lives in Niceville, FL.   Tom is married to Sarah and they have two children Jonas and Hayley. Tom has been playing drums for years.  Tom currently serves our country proudly in the military.  We are blessed to have him on our worship team.  He plays with a passion and a love for Jesus.  The Well Church Santa Rosa Beach.  Church in Rosemary Beach, Church on 30a, Church in Destin, Christian Church Rosemary Beach #churchsantarosabeach #christianchurch #rosemarybeachchurch

The Well Church is located in Miramar Beach in the heart of the Sandestin Community.   The Well Church is right between Santa Rosa Beach, Seaside, Sandestin, Destin, Grayton Beach, Alys Beach, Seaside, etc.   

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We are super excited to announce our Video Production Class.  
One of the mission of THE WELL Church in Santa Rosa Beach is to find out where God is working and join Him.  Over and over again we see young kids with a passion for producing videos, skits, dramas, etc.  As a result, we are starting a VIDEO PRODUCTION CLASS for ages 8-18.  In this class students will learn videography, acting, set design, music, graphics, etc.   
If your child is interested please email  
Program starts January 11th, 2018 here in Santa Rosa Beach.  Email for more information. 

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SUNDAY-6:30 Saturday Night- ONLINE- Facebook. 

THURSDAY NIGHT- 5:30- Food , Fellowship, Prayer and Worship, and Study at 6:30   Located at 355 E. Shipwreck Rd.  Santa Rosa Beach, 32459  Beach Church Santa Rosa Beach.    The Well Church is a Beach church in Santa Rosa beach.  Beach church Sandestin Beach Church miramar Beach. 

30  The Well Church is located in Sandestin right between Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach, etc.  The Well Church in Sandestin is in the heart of Sandestin right on the gulf of mexico.   The Well Church is only 2 miles from 30, 10 minutes from Gulf Place, 20 minutes from seaside, 15 minutes from Grayton Beach, 25 minutes from Seagrove, Alys Beach, etc.  Come check The Well Church out located just less than 1/4 mile from Miramar Beach.  Actually, we are tucked in the heart of the Miramar Beach, Sandestin community just a golf carts drive away.  

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Thanks for visiting The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach.  We are located in Bayou Bill's Restaurant at 10:15.  The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach is a non denominational bible teaching church located in Santa Rosa Beach


The Well Church in Miramar Beach Florida located in The Beach House Restaurant in Destin (on the Gulf of Mexico)



Saturday Night


6:30 -Worship and Teaching

355 East Shipwreck Rd.

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


THE WELL CHURCH Santa Rosa Beach

355 E. Shipwreck Rd.
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459



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The Well Church located in Miramar Beach Florida in the heart of the Sandestin Community.    The Well Church in Sandestin, Miramar, Rosemary Beach, The Well Church is located in Sandestin at The Beach House Restaurant in the heart of Sandestin right on the Beach.    The Well Church in Santa Rosa Beach is actually located in The Beach House Restaurant in Sandestin right off hwy 98 close to 30a.    We are only 5 minutes from 30a, 10 minutes from Grayton Beach, 20 minutes from Seaside, 5 minutes from Destin, 10 minutes from gulf place, 20 minutes from alys beach, 25 minutes from seagrove beach, even close to feeport, florida or ft. walton etc.   We are a casual and contemporary service with solid bible teaching, great worship, and incredible fellowship.  

The Well Church in Sandestin is located in Miramar Beach on the Beach at The Beach House Restaurant in Sandestin.  If you are vacationing in sandestin come to the Beach and see us.   We are a church on the beach.  We have church services directly on the beach in Sandestin.   If you want a solid Bible teaching church on the beach in Sandestin come see us.  We are a beach church that has church services on the beach in Miramar Beach.   

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PRAY FOR US AS WE MOVE to our new Location in Sandestin.  Many exciting changes happening and would love for everyone to be a part of what God is doing!

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The Well Church in Sandestin is a Beach CHurch in Miramar Beach.  We are located in the heart of Sandestin and Miramar Beach in The Beach House Restaurant.  Our Christian Church is located at THE BEACH.   ell 


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